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Due to unforeseen circumstances involving a family tragedy, we will be postponing the ABBI Red Laces event scheduled for this Saturday (2/22).

Thank you for your cooperation. Any news of future events will be posted here.

Hard-hitting bucking Bulls

Since the inception of the Professional Bull Riders (PBR), the rodeo circuit has only grown in popularity as a lucrative investment opportunity. Following years of owning and breeding bulls, Red Laces Cattle Co. has a well-rounded and insightful outlook on how to properly breed and raise pedigreed yearlings to reach their full potential. 



Invest in the experience of professional competition. This is professional bull raising. Buy into the lifestyle, sit back and enjoy the performance and the results.

Our bulls win

Because we put in the time and discipline needed to compete.


We guarantee American Bucking Bull, Inc. (ABBI) standards.


Quality of life and professional training are of the utmost importance to us.

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Back at the ranch

Located just 30 minutes SW of Fort Worth on a full 80 acres,
Red Laces Cattle Co. offers the highest quality full-service ranch experience.

Breeding and raising a prize-winning bull is like any other great athlete, it begins with genetics. However, without the right accommodations, nutrition, and training, even the best born calf’s future in competition is compromised. At Red Laces Cattle Co., we put in the time and discipline needed to keep our stock healthy and on top of the game. Winners are born, but success is a choice. 

We guarantee American Bucking Bull, Inc. (ABBI) standards. To secure ABBI requirements, hairs of the bulls are sent to ABBI where genetic testing is done to verify they come from the line they say they do. Remember, creating that bull starts with a cow. Heifer calves that are high cost embryos end up being your best investment. Proven pedigrees combined with professional training set us above the rest because the price of greatness is responsibility.

Feeding regiment, quality of feed, training, and housing are of the utmost importance to us. One of the most valuable investments we can make in our herd is in their nutrition. Preparation, dedication and discipline ensure our livestock is given the best opportunity to win because championships are won at practice.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

what categories are the bulls judged on in competition?

Pro bucking bulls are judged on five categories: buck, kick, intensity, difficulty to ride, and spin. 

How do you determine the age of a yearling?

Bucking bulls turn another year on January 1 no matter what, so each bull’s birth is planned as close to January 1 as possible.

How soon do you know you have a bucking bull?

Bucking bulls can begin proving themselves as young as two years old.

What breed of bull is typical of an ABBI bucking bull?

Rodeo bulls are generally a mix of Texas Longhorn, Spanish fighting and Brahma. Bloodline is the most important quality of a “rodeo breed.” 

What about embryos? Is there an investment to be made there?

Heifer calves that are high costs embryos end up being your best investment as they have the potential to produce prize winning bulls for years. 

Where do you sell your bulls?

You can find Red Laces Cattle Co. livestock at Superior Livestock online auction, Elite Breeder Sales online,, and live online auctions at CCI Live.

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“Donec dapibus erat sed consequat fermentum. Aenean viverra ultrices mauris quis ultrices gravida aliquam.” David White

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